JavaScript Developer

Job description

Our frontend team is looking for JavaScript developers who are able to work in İzmir. Join us on a quest to build great web and mobile applications that people actually use and admire.

You can view our frontend development stack from this link.


  • 3+ years experience in the industry as a JavaScript Developer
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript with data structures, algorithms and software design principles.
  • Knowledge of ESNext features
  • Good knowledge of typing and tools such as TypeScript, Flow and Reason
  • Create and maintain reusable JS/CSS libraries and components.
  • Good understanding of React.JS or Angular.JS or Vue.
  • Familiarity with module bundlers, such as Webpack.
  • Experience in testing and its tools such as Jest, Mocha
  • Feeling comfortable with strict linting rules
  • Knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming principles
  • Experience in using Git for source control
  • Having the habit of writing clean and useful documentation
  • Basic knowledge of CSS and its methodologies such as BEM, OOCss, Smacss.
  • Bonus point if you have experience on GraphQL
  • Bonus point if you have with React.JS and its ecosystem.

Tools & technologies that we use: 

  • Frontend: Sass, React, Angular, Gulp, Webpack, ES6, Twig, Linters, TypeScript, Flow, Jest
  • Backend: PHP, Symfony, Node.JS, Nest.JS, MySQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis, ElasticSearch, Docker, NPM, AWS