DevOps Engineer

  • Remote job

DevOps Engineer

Job description

We are an accomplished product team on the verge of promising international growth. We work with global brands and dedicate teams to projects according to their needs.

Business offers are literally raining down on us, but before jumping on to them, we would like to keep our work culture as it is. To control this growth with a human-centric approach, we need experienced people.

Get a clearer idea of how we approach the projects we develop from the podcast here, and you can have a glance at our Instagram profile.


  • 2+ years experience with Cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure

  • Experience with version control system such as Git

  • Experience with Docker

  • Experience with container orchestration such as Kubernetes, Openshift

  • Experience with Cloud-native applications

  • Experience in preparing CI/CD pipelines

  • Experience with monitoring and logging tools

  • Experience with JS/TS ecosystem

  • Bonus points if you have experience with Bash, Go

  • Bonus points if you have experience with Microservices architecture

  • Bonus points if you are willing to contribute development decisions from a DevOps perspective

Tools & Tech Stack:

We don’t solely lean on libraries or frameworks in software development but on the overall sustainability, reliability, and purity of the code itself. We like to think about abstractions such as Separation of Concerns, layered architecture, and IoC rather than just “getting things done”.

If you are willing to talk about these, then we can confidently say that we are on the same page.

More Reasons to Become One of Us!

USD-based salary: Salaries and performance-based raises that are frequently made within the year are all paid in USD.

A bonus system that really rewards:
Got a friend looking for a job? Refer them and get a bonus. Have an idea for content? Write it down and get a bonus. Got something you want to share? Present it at a meetup and get a bonus!

Top-quality equipment:
Get the latest MacBook Pro and all the additional accessories you need to craft the ideal work environment that suits you the most.

Private healthcare:
We’ll provide you with a premium medical package that lets you focus on living the life you want without worrying about anything.

Epic team retreats:
Happy people vacationing together, no awkward silences at all. Check out our YouTube!

Flexible workplace
: Here, you have the freedom to work remotely from the comfort of your home or wherever you may roam!

Do you wish to work at our HQ in İzmir?
In that case, it would be our pleasure to offer you an excellent office with a private Chef and lots of comfy chillout spaces filled with people like you.